PAWS - Professional Animal Welfare Services

This service is ideal if you are away on holiday and have pets that you think would prefer to stay in their own home, especially if you have more than one pet then hiring us can be more cost effective than alternative care. Your pets then have the luxury of their own home comforts, routine and much less stress.  We will stay overnight, feed them, clean up after them and if you have dogs they will have at least 2 walks per day and lots of company.   

Perhaps you just want to go out for the day though and don't want to leave your dog or cat all day we can either do Doggy Daycare or Cat Feeding Visits or just sit in with your pet for an hour or so after a walk.  If so we offer the following petsitting services:

£30 per Night
Based on petsitting up to 2 pets. 
Extra charges for more pets.
Please call for more info and tailored quote

The above services are subject to availability.